Thursday, March 6, 2008

Diminishing Endangered Species

Though there are already laws protecting these endangered species in the coastal environment, there's no guarantee that people in the coastal area will follow these rules. The fact that these species continue to be caught and eaten if not being sold for other purposes, the number of endangered species continue to diminish.

This is because more of the near shore communities do not really understood what is meant by endangered species or if they already knew, the implementing bodies within the communities do not enough funds to implement the rules.

Some of the coastal environment where people living under poverty level do not even care a bit on rules of endangered species. For example, the fisherman has caught that particular specie, instead of letting it go, the fisherman prefer to bring it home to be served later on the table for dinner.

Just like the sea turtle, while already covered by the endangered species law is still being caught and cooked, that according to the community the meat is good and as delicious as the other sea creatures being caught. The shell of this animal is fabricated and used as comb, hair pins and more.

One thing problem while these endangered species continue to diminish is that there's no enough educational program that will alter the notion especially in the near shore communities about these species not to be caught again.

As an ordinary individual, whether you are living near the shore or kilometers away from shore, you can make a contribution to help preserve these endangered species. Think of something of how you will help preserve the environment, following the rules is one good thing.

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Skii said...

Thank you for talking about endangered fish. I am a polar bear and The fish we eat are being taken from us thank you