Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blue-Violet Crab

It was my firs time to see this crab color: blue-violet. Here in our place, they call this crab "foreigner" because of its unusual color.

Most of the people here don't want to cook and eat this crab, though it is edible, some of the people think this type of crab is a human flesh eater.

The size of this crab is the same with that dotted one and with orange color when cooked. It has also flat and long arms and they just appear when rainy season begins.

This type crab, actually, is not poisonous, I know, because we've tried to cook and ate it. Well the taste is the same with the other crabs and only the color differs.

Well, if you have some info about this crab, then I think is your responsibility to share it to the world especially for those people living in sure line who are depending their livelihood on their catch.


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